How To Solve The Most Complex Problems?

How To Solve The Most Complex Problems?

“Problems are to the mind what exercise is to the muscles, they toughen and make strong.” ~Norman Vincent Peale

The best way to deal with the problems is to face them! But when problems come in our life 90% of the minds run towards avoidance because of the fear.


Using the following tips you can get courage whenever you find yourself stuck with problems and challenges:-

1. Is it Really a Problem ?

Often we just create problems in our heads. Just pause for a while when you feel something’s not going right. Evaluate what has happened, and ask yourself, is it really a big deal? Most of the time you’ll just get “no” as the answer.

Life seems too difficult when we make elephants out of ants.

2. Find Solutions

Thinking about the problem and repeating it in your mind won’t do you any good. Instead, look for solutions. What is the best you can do considering the current circumstances? What will help you to get out of this situation? Finding answers to these questions will do you a lot more good than worrying about the problem.

3. Break the Problems into Smaller Chunks

Sometimes looking at the problem from the top might be haunting but when we drill down and find the tiny bits related to it and try solving those step by step, the world looks a way too easier. 

4. Find the Positive Side 

Think, what if you get through this problem? How strong will you become after all this? Take this as an opportunity to learn and explore new things in life. Always trust God, he loves you. He hasn’t thrown difficulties at you to worsen your situation but to evolve you as a person. So just face the situation with a learning attitude.

5. Ask for Help

How many times have you avoided taking help thinking that the other person will judge you? Asking for help will not make you inferior or being judged in any way. It will open the opportunity for more solutions when one brain has already become close-ended. So go to your closed ones, the ones which know you or have gone through a similar situation before. Listen to them patiently, you’ll get all your answers.


So see it’s not that tough to face the problems, it’s just how we look at them makes the real difference. If we stand boldly in front of every problem we see and say “I’m not afraid of you! I’ll handle you with all my strengths and soon I will become even stronger because of you! So be careful!”. This is the warrior attitude that will take you to the next level.