How To Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals?

How To Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals?

“One day I’ll do this”, “soon I’ll be working on that”, “I’ll start from next weekend”. How many times have you told yourself these lies?

We spent our whole life compromising, and gradually make ourselves believe that we don’t have time to work for the life we truly want to live. But the thing we have to realize is that when we are on our death bed the regret of not chasing passion would be more painful than the actual pain of death which we didn’t pursue because of the excuse of time. 

If you are truly passionate about something and it is just the time which is stopping you, then let me help you out. Please go through the points carefully.

1. Learn To Say No

How many times do you get excited and say, “Yes, let’s go!”, when your friends ask you to go to the party? I know it’s difficult to say no but if you want the Monday mornings to be yours, you’ll have to give up on those Friday nights! And it’s just not about partying, see your schedule for the full last month, how many episodes you rolled on Netflix? And how many hours did you sleep? You don’t need to tell me the answers but tell the person inside you who doesn’t stop giving excuses!

2. Find a Mentor

Mentor will help you stick to your goals and push you forward even if you are feeling like stopping. Till the time you feel you can walk alone, it’s completely fine to hold a mentor’s hand. And a mentor should be someone who has already achieved what you want, and not the ones coming for free advice. If you don’t get a physical mentor, don’t take it as an excuse. You are in the world of the internet, where content is available for free. You can watch thousands of videos and podcasts from the successful people in the field you want to go and learn from them. 

3. Go Slow

Don’t overburden yourself with unrealistic goals. You don’t have to do anything big in a single day but do small countable things consistently daily and something big will automatically happen one day. If you start from doing just one new thing daily, letting it settle down in your lifestyle and then moving on to the next one and then the next one again. You’ll see the wonders happening in your life just within a year.

4. Make Most of the Waiting Times

What do you do when you are in a cab? And what about when you are waiting in a billing queue? There a lot of small bits of waiting times in our entire day. If we use those short durations productively they can make big drastic changes in our life.

5. Make a Schedule

Most of us are running without any schedule, which is the first and foremost step to attain self-discipline in one’s life. You should wake up the next day knowing exactly what and when you have to do everything. This will help you in managing your day properly. Ticking the tasks in your to-do list will boost your confidence to unbelievable levels and you’ll be just unstoppable!


As we all have heard, nobody is busy, it’s just a matter of priorities! Make your dreams and passion a priority because they are the ones that will give you real happiness and satisfaction in the long run, rest are just distractions and short term amusement sources.