Hey, It’s Me, Daman

Hey, It’s Me, Daman

I reckon you know a little about me professionally, so I thought of creating a bit more personal connect.

I’ve lived in Punjab for a significant part of my life, but I also called Gurgaon and Delhi my home for past three years. I am a BE Graduate in Computer Science from Thapar University, Patiala. I account for my stay in Gurgaon as one of the life-changing experiences I’ve had. It helped me realize my love for traveling, exploring unexplored places, and meeting people I have never met before. 

Professionally, I’m recognised as a Digital Marketing Nerd who spends most of his time staring at his laptop. I am really passionate about consumer psychology and it comes very handy when I build my marketing strategies.

My marketing journey started back in my last year of college, when I got really intrigued by the power to earn money just by using your laptop. I had this feeling to stop taking pocket money from my parents at that time. Little did I know that I would fall in love with this journey.

Currently, I’m working as a Senior Paid Media Specialist at Quillbot and helping its business grow along with solving consumer problems, using the power of online advertisements and efficiently built sales funnels. 

Personally, I am an avid reader who just loves books. I just finished up my 31st book of the year yesterday (Aim is to read at least 60 every year and I’m on track). Haha yes. You can call me a book nerd too now. FunFact, I don’t read Fiction.

(To give you more reasons to judge me, I also don’t like Noodles, Chocolates, or Mithai)

Curiosity killed the Cat, that is how I might die too. I am a very intrigued person who wants to know the “Why? What? and How?” to everything. My most recent curiosity lies within online marketing and human psychology. 

Other than that, I like to match my feet to the high beat bhangra music. Ask me a any step to a Punjabi song, and you’ve got it. 

I love inspiring people and motivating them to achieve their dreams. You can see some of my work here.

I am a storyteller too who loves to make a story out of almost anything. My clients have objections? No worries, I’ll pull out a story out of my lot. 

I am into fitness and health, and I also train people occasionally. I love walking in the nature and going for long cycling hours, and I can be very competitive, in a good spirit of course. If you think I have said enough, I still have a lot more to talk about, but I am a good listener too. 🙂

Feel free to  connect with me professionally :).

Looking forward to having some insightful conversations!!